If your car is parked near a water tower, bridge, or other metal structure that is being painted the first thing you should do is move it a safe distance away, as the wind can carry overspray from high painting projects as far away as two miles. Upon looking at your vehicle and you observe small dots that have the feel of sandpaper, your vehicle most likely has been covered by over spray. Fortunately our over spray removal process will prevent your vehicle’s needing to have the over spray sanded off, or needing a re-paint job , and/or having all the rubber, molding, and trim parts replaced. Re-painting a vehicle most often will result in a vehicle’s paint being of lesser quality than the original.

Most auto detail shops will try to remove the overspray by machine buffing with a compound. Auto manufactures recommend against this process, as it wears down a vehicle’s paint and clear coated surfaces. Other auto detail shops will try to remove the overspray with solvents, such as lacquer thinners. This method of removal is very risky, as it will damage and discolor molding and trim surfaces as well as potentially ruining a vehicle’s painted surfaces. The safest method auto detail shops will employ is the use of a clay bar. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are not very effective on industrial paint overspray from the painting of tanks, towers, and bridges.

The only safe method to remove this type of overspray is that of shaving smooth vehicle surfaces. This method requires a special type of blade used with a lubricant by a skilled technician that has years of experience. Our technicians have this experience, having safely removed overspray from thousands of vehicles, many of which were brand new at auto dealerships. This method does not wear down the paint when the special lubricated blade slides underneath the overspray particulates and gently lifts them off a vehicle’s surface. The cleaned paint is totally unaffected by this process and its life expectancy has not been diminished in the slightest.

Removing industrial overspray from a vehicle’s rubber, trim, and molding surfaces is an art. Most detail shops will try using a solvent and a brush that will abrade the molding and trim surfaces and at the very least discolor them. Some of these companies will state they will recondition these surfaces, when in reality they will paint them. Unfortunately, painted molding and trim surfaces can discolor and peel. Our company, on the other hand, can safely clean these surfaces with a special cleaning process that neither abrades nor discolors molding and trim surfaces, leaving them exactly as they were prior to the overspray incident. Replacing molding and trim surfaces is very costly, time consuming, and future leakage can occur. Our process safely and effectively eliminates these problems.
Our company will not only solve the overspray problem, it will detail a vehicle’s exterior surfaces by hand polishing and waxing them after the overspray has been removed.

In summation, do not worry about your over sprayed vehicle, as it can be restored back to its original condition at your home or place of business, with the right people doing the work.