What Painting Contractors Should Do When Oversprayed Vehicles Can’t Be Cleaned By Clay Bars

 Area Of A Shaved Vehicle’s Hood


Heavy epoxy, urethane, and roofing foam overspray on vehicles most often cannot be removed through the use of a clay bar. Often when this is the case, those responsible for the overspray will then send owners of oversprayed vehicles to get repair estimates at auto body shops or auto dealerships. Frequently these repair facilities will opt to wet sand and re-paint the affected vehicles, and replace  their molding and trim parts at costs that can add up to several thousand dollars along with the cost of a rental car for several days.
We have seen repair costs on some oversprayed vehicles exceeding $25,000. Our suggestion is to have the overspray safely shaved by a highly skilled technician with years of experience. First, the vehicle is washed and then a lubricant is applied on the oversprayed vehicle surfaces. The technician then takes a specially prepared blade and glides it over the lubricated surface,  safely skimming off the heavy industrial overspray.  This process does not diminish the longevity of a vehicle’s paint life and is the safest method of removing heavy overspray from a vehicle surface. After the overspray has been removed the vehicle’s painted surfaces need to be hand polished, waxed and detailed .
As very few people in the nation are experienced in this type of work, the question is, where does one find a highly experienced technician? The good news is, Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc. offers this mobile service nationwide and their technicians have shaved thousands of vehicles, many of which were at new car dealerships.
Our cost for this service is often less than ten percent of what many auto body shops and auto dealerships would charge.
Our technicians, usually available on a 48 hour notice, are also very skilled at removing overspray from vehicle moldings and trim parts, that result in  the most expensive part of an overspray claim’s liability.