Photos Showing What A Common Paint Over Spray Configuration Looks Like

IMG_00497-223x300 IMG_00548-150x150 picture-of-oversprayed-car3-150x150

The photo of the black truck shows an example of very heavy paint over spray from a paint gun that left an even pattern of  dispersment on the vehicle surfaces.

Shaving will be required to be safely remove the paint over spray by one of our  highly skilled technicians.

The photo of the car hood shows a  lightly misted hood with an even pattern of  paint over spray that can be safely removed by hand with our rubber overspray eraser pads,  that are exclusive to our company.

The Blue car is covered with paint overspray splatters that are evidenced by an uneven  pattern of paint with large and small dots, typical of paint overspray that  resulted from paint roller droplets that were fanned in the wind.

If you are not sure if you have paint over spray on your vehicle, you can take a damp towel and clean off a part of the vehicle and if you observe what appears to be sand specks peppered all over your vehicle’s surfaces, chances are your car is most likely covered with paint overspray.  The photos above show what it might look like.  Often the paint over sprayed vehicle surface feels gritty to the touch.  A good place to check for paint overspray would be the vehicle’s  side or back glass as the windshield could be chipped and pitted and have the appearance paint over spray when it actually has none.