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   Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc. now can restore scratched, pitted, and hazed vehicle clear coated surfaces that have been damaged by overspray to a new like appearance.

   Our clearcoat application, applied by skilled technicians,  has proved to be superior through rigorous testing by the following companies: General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Chrysler Corp., BMW, Mercedes, and Isuzu.  Resistance to weather, salt spray, acids, sun fading, and scratching  are a few of the tests that prove the durability of our re-clear coating process. These test results can be provided on request. 

   This unique clearcoat application’s  manufacturer guarantees it to last for a period of five years with regular normal vehicle washing and care without the vehicle’s exterior having been exposed to collision damage, such as falling objects, stones, deep scratches, and rock chips.   

  The attached photo represents how our clearcoat application can change a vehicle’s painted exterior. Our process will return a vehicle’s non-rubber, plastic, molding, and trim parts to a new like appearance.  

   This restoration can be completed in two days or less at a fraction of the cost that many auto body shops and dealerships would charge.

   For quick response please call us at: 800-835-5858.  




Don’t use dangerous solvents such as lacquer thinner, enamel reducer, acetone,  or some other similar solvent that could severely  damage your vehicle’s paint, cleacoat, trim, and moldings. Our safe method of removal is: to  wash the vehicle first and then apply a lubricant to those  areas  covered by the paint contamination. Then our highly skilled technician would take a specially  prepared blade and safely glide it over the lubricated surfaces and shave off the paint contamination. No  marks are left on the shaved surfaces from this safe process.

This same process is used on vehicle surfaces heavily oversprayed by industrial paints such as: epoxies, urethanes, and roofing foams. These often originate from the painting of :  water towers, storage tanks, high rise commercial buildings, bridges, communication towers, and the painting of lines on the road.

Auto body shops will often wet-sand heavy dense overspray from vehicle surfaces and then machine polish off the sanding scratches at high costs. Unfortunately, this process severely diminishes the life expectancy of a vehicle’s original factory paint and clear coated surfaces, all of which are only a few mills thick.  The use of clay bars, which are equivalent to  two to three thousand grit sandpaper will also damage a vehicle’s original paint and clear coated surfaces from being heavily rubbed back and forth many times to sand away the heavy overspray contamination. This sanding process is not recommended.

Our company, Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc. has the safe state of the art technology to  restore any oversprayed vehicle back to its original state prior to an overspray incident.

We have successfully removed overspray from an estimated 300,000 vehicles over our 53 years of business, and our mobile crews, if needed,  can do the same for you at your location anywhere in the nation.  We also specialize in handling overspray claims for insurance companies and painting contractors.

How To Remove Overspray With A Clay Bar

To remove overspray with a clay bar please click on this other company’s link: which provides information as to where to purchase a clay bar and how to use it. If you find that the clay bar method of overspray removal is not effective, please
contact us to discuss our other options to remove the overspray from your
vehicle and/or other vehicles.

STATE-OF-THE-ART OverSpray cleaning

STATE-OF-THE-ART Overspray cleaning

Paint Overspray Removal Cellphone tower paint job makes a big mess

Paint Overspray Removal

Paint Overspray, When a crew painted a cell phone tower near Highway 610 and Zachary Lane in Maple Grove late last month, car owners in the area soon realized that they were left with a speckled side effect. Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc. successfully removed the overspray from several of these vehicles.

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 What Painting Contractors Should Do When Oversprayed Vehicles Can’t Be Cleaned By Clay Bars

 Area Of A Shaved Vehicle’s Hood


Heavy epoxy, urethane, and roofing foam overspray on vehicles most often cannot be removed through the use of a clay bar. Often when this is the case, those responsible for the overspray will then send owners of oversprayed vehicles to get repair estimates at auto body shops or auto dealerships. Frequently these repair facilities will opt to wet sand and re-paint the affected vehicles, and replace  their molding and trim parts at costs that can add up to several thousand dollars along with the cost of a rental car for several days.
We have seen repair costs on some oversprayed vehicles exceeding $25,000. Our suggestion is to have the overspray safely shaved by a highly skilled technician with years of experience. First, the vehicle is washed and then a lubricant is applied on the oversprayed vehicle surfaces. The technician then takes a specially prepared blade and glides it over the lubricated surface,  safely skimming off the heavy industrial overspray.  This process does not diminish the longevity of a vehicle’s paint life and is the safest method of removing heavy overspray from a vehicle surface. After the overspray has been removed the vehicle’s painted surfaces need to be hand polished, waxed and detailed .
As very few people in the nation are experienced in this type of work, the question is, where does one find a highly experienced technician? The good news is, Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc. offers this mobile service nationwide and their technicians have shaved thousands of vehicles, many of which were at new car dealerships.
Our cost for this service is often less than ten percent of what many auto body shops and auto dealerships would charge.
Our technicians, usually available on a 48 hour notice, are also very skilled at removing overspray from vehicle moldings and trim parts, that result in  the most expensive part of an overspray claim’s liability.

Overspraying – What Painting Contractor Should Do If He Is Accused Of Overspraying A Vehicle.

Overspraying, When a contractor has taken all the steps to prevent an overspray occurrence and a claimant comes forward with the accusation that the contractor oversprayed his/her vehicle and the contractor believes he is not responsible, these are the steps he needs to take.

  1. Observe the color of the overspray and determine if the color is the same as the paint you were spraying.
  2. Check the overspray particulates and view them through a magnifying glass as to whether they are flat or ball like in appearance.  Latex overspray particulates usually appear  flat and epoxy and urethane overspray particulates appear ball like. Roofing foam dots are often clear.  Compare the result to the type of paint you were using.
  3. If you were spraying with a spray gun the overspray should appear as a fine mist of sand like particulates evenly dispersed  on the  vehicle’s surfaces.   If you were rolling the paint on a structure and the wind fanned the droplets, the overspray would be unevenly dispersed  and the overspray dots or splatters would be in a variety of sizes and concentrations.
  4. You need to find out when and where the claimant’s vehicle was parked at the time of the overspray. If the claimant provided a date and time when you were not painting, the overspray would not be your responsibility.  Also, if a claimant shows you where he was parked when the overspray occurred, there could be evidence of your overspray on such items as fences, signs, windows, and other stationary items that never change position and are between his vehicle and where you were painting.  If your overspray is not evidenced on anything between where the claimant’s car was parked and where you were painting, chances are you didn’t  spray the claimant’s vehicle.
  5. It is possible that the claimant received overspray from some other source than your’s; after all, his vehicle has wheels and who knows where his car has been.  Check around the area and look for other structures that have been recently painted.  Samples taken from the structure you painted and from another structure some one else painted and samples taken from the claimant’s vehicle can be sent to a lab for a comparative analysis which can often determine which samples match or don’t match.
  6. Wind direction reports on a specific day are available from the weather department which may help in determining where the overspray came from.
  7. Often a paint can or information from the paint manufacture will provide information as to the distance the paint can travel before it drys.
  8. Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc., having handled an estimated 300,000 vehicles over the last fifty years of business, can assist in all of the above and can offer a cost effective solution to solve your overspray claim.




How To Remove Overspray Using A Clay Bar

clay bar

If your vehicle is covered by a light mist of paint over spray, you can remove it by hand using the clay bar method. You need to allow two to four hours to clean a car and more time to clean a larger vehicle such as a four door pickup truck, RV, SUV, etc..

The required supplies are: a clay bar and lubricant, which can be purchased from auto parts stores and auto supply sections in department stores, few soft towels, a spray bottle, and liquid wax, and a paint brush.

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Onsite Paint Overspray Removal Is Your Best And Least Expensive Option

Our Skilled Mobile Teams Travel The Nation To Handle Overspray Claims Any Size, Anywhere In The Nation

Our Mobile Overspray Technicians Work Onsite.

Onsite vehicle paint overspray removal  eliminates vehicle owners from needing  rental cars or having to make special arrangements for vehicle  picked up and delivery. In most cases, a vehicle’s  paint overspray can be removed and it can be detailed, before its owner leaves work that same day, by a mobile paint overspray removal company, such as ours.  Also, those entities  responsible for the overspray can save a tremendous amount of costs by eliminating the cost of rental  cars for claimants.  Also, claimants will be saved from wasting  a lot of time in dealing with all the issues that  surround  their vehicles being cleaned  elsewhere at costs often many times ours.

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We had a very unusual request a few years ago when we were removing paint overspray from many affected vehicles at a location at a California winery.  It came to our attention from the owner of a winery where the paint oversprayed vehicles were parked  that  the paint overspray had also affected 630 solar panels.

To solve this problem, we had our highly skilled technicians by hand,  using our unique rubber paint overspray eraser pads, that are similar to clay bars, remove all of the paint overspray from these solar panels that were roof mounted on  four buildings.  When cleaning these plexiglass solar panels, one needs to  be very careful placing as little pressure on their surfaces as possible, as they are very thin and can easily crack.  Also one needs  to take precautions not to haze and scratch these clear panels, as their voltage output could be greatly diminished.

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By keeping a salt shaker full of flour in one’s pocket and sprinkling the flour in the air, one can tell if there is a breeze and in which direction the air currents are moving.  This simple trick can potentially save one from having to remove paint overspray from several vehicles in the path of a possible overspray event.  Hunters often  have used this same method to remain upwind from their target.

As they say, “A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.