Concrete and cement splatters often occur from construction sites, parking garages, highrises, bridges, and highway projects.

Vehicles, boats, planes, and equipment that have been splattered by cement or concrete require great deal of care in the removing of these contaminants. Buffing and  wet sanding processes are unable to be used  as the cement and concrete particles that become loose from these two methods will be extreemly abrasive and scratch vehicle surfaces. What one needs to do first is to wash the entire vehicle and then one needs to use a process that will break down the glue that holds the cement and concrete splatters together.

To accomplish this, the most common method has been the use of various acids such as: hydrofloric, muriatic, phosphoric, hydrochloric, and other similar acids. Though these acids break down the cement and concrete splatters, they are very dangerous to use, and they can damage vehicle surfaces. Our removal process is safe for vehicle surfaces as it won’t etch chrome and aluminum trim, and it will not stain or etch vehicle plastic and painted surfaces.

The reason the product we use is so safe is that it is made from sugarcane extract which, on contact over a few minutes, will break down the glue that holds the cement and concrete compositions together, and yet, it will not damage vehicle surfaces. Once these particulates are loose and broken down, they can carefully be picked off and then the remainder residue can be washed away. Another positive factor about our removal method is the fact that it is environmentally safe and therefore it can be washed down a drain. This product is also odorless and not combustible. Also, our cleaning methods can safely be used on glass surfaces and most other surfaces.

After the cement and concrete has been removed, our crew will hand polish and wax the vehicle painted surfaces. This same removal process can be safely used on all types of vehicles, boats, aircraft, machinery, and buildings.

Our highly skilled technicians are able to handle cement and concrete splatter problems anywhere in the nation.

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