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Overspray Removal and Overspray claims management company


Welcome To Overspray Removal Specialists

For over forty-seven years, the nation’s premier overspray removal and overspray claims management company, Overspray Removal Specialists, Inc., has removed all types of overspray damage from an estimated 250,000 vehicles. Our unique rubber eraser pads – used by hand – provide the most unique and safest method for removing open air overspray debris from vehicles, trucks, RV’s, boats, aircraft, and effected buildings, restoring them to their original look. We remove all types of overspray and open air debris, such as; epoxy, urethane, polyurethane foam, soot, iron filings, industrial fallout, graffiti, cement, concrete sealers, cement and concrete splatters, and spray paint, just to name a few. We are experienced in removing all types of overspray through any means necessary.

Our company works very closely with contractors, insurance companies, self- insured entities, and individuals to help solve their overspray problems as inexpensively as possible. As we are experts at removing overspray from moldings and trim, we have saved insurance companies and contractors millions of dollars in potential loses in replacement costs. Molding replacements on a car can be as much as three thousand dollars, and more on larger vehicles. Also it is imperative that overspray is removed properly from the molding and trim, mitigating the possibility of paint peeling off in the not to distant future.

In addition to our overspray removal services we also specialize in paint-less dent repair to hail damaged vehicles. We are affiliated with the world’s largest and best hail damage paint-less dent repair company. Together we can solve any hail damage claim for insurance companies, car dealerships, and entities that need several hail damaged vehicles repaired at one site. Our affiliate has saved car dealerships and insurance companies millions of dollars in potential costs.

To learn more about our paint-less dent repair, overspray removal services or hail damage claims, please feel free to contact us @ (800) 835-5858 toll free, we handle overspray claims on a national basis so you are never too far away for treatment.

Our Overspray Removal Technicians are standing by for your assignment and ready to mobilize!


About Us

George Colliard - President

George Colliard – President

For over Forty-seven years we have removed paint, epoxies, urethanes, asphalt, tar, concrete, industrial fallout and other chemical contaminants from thousands of vehicles, boats and planes. These airborne emissions are created by the painting of water towers, refineries, industrial plants, buildings, ships, cranes, storage tanks, bridges, and other sources too numerous to mention.Our system not only preserves original paint finishes, it also, in most cases, avoids the need to replace the trim panels, moldings, glass and chrome parts. This can save our clients millions of dollars that would normally be paid to auto body shops, car dealerships, boat dealers and aircraft maintenance facilities.


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